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I believe a lot of people are intimidated when it comes to drinking wine. I'll admit, there are a ton of different grapes, colors, and regions when it comes to wine. You have your sweet wines, dry wines, then those wines that fall in between. The type of glass you drink your wine out of can even alter the taste; and lets not talk about the science behind wine that can make it all appear confusing. But I am here to let all of you know that although there are a lot of specifics when it comes to wine lets not allow that "stuff" to intimidate us.

By no means am I a wine expert, however, I do consider myself as a wine lover. I've had my share of wine, I've visited a ton of wineries and I enjoy buying wine. But the best part, is drinking wine with friends. Perhaps you're not a wine lover or you just feel like you don't know enough about wine; then this blog is just for you! We are going to learn together during this monthly blogging session! Like Tina Turner puts it, I'm going to take it "nice and easy" with you!

But in order to start the path of loving wine, you have to start drinking it and trying different wines. So many people put themselves in a box when it comes to drinking wine and I am here to ask you to politely step out of that box! Drinking wine is an acquired taste. The more you drink the broader your palate will become and eventually, you will be able to tolerate the stronger wines or wines that aren't just Moscato. Typically, what I've ran across is people love Moscato and they dare not venture out any further.

I dare not advise any of you to go out and get the boldest, driest, red wine. No...Not even I can tolerate that on an everyday basis. Besides, we are working our way up. So for starters, I'd like to suggest Roscato. It's a sweet Italian red wine that can be found in your local grocery. This wine has a slight fizz to it that gives it a bubbly effect. I like this wine because it doesn't matter if you're new at this wine thing or not, its a wine that we all can enjoy.

This wine is best served chilled!

Be sure to only fill your wine glass half way--this is the proper way to drink wine. It is important for wine to be able to breathe. Also remember the three S's when it comes to drinking wine.

Swirl, Sniff, and Sip!

Swirl: You first want to swirl the wine around in the glass as it gives room for the true flavors of the wine to be released. Basically, you are releasing the oxygen in the wine and giving them permission to move around.

Sniff: The next important step is to sniff. You want to start picking up on the aromas of the wine. Perhaps you may notice the flavor of pear or the aroma of Jasmine. Whatever it is that you are about to drink you want to let your brain know that you are about to get "your drink on", and it's going to be GOOD.

Sip: Finally, you want to sip your wine. You don't want to guzzle it like water but you do want to take your time with the wine. You may even want to let it sit on your tongue for a minute. Take a moment to pick up on the flavors you're tasting. Does it taste different from when first sipped to when you swallowed? Has the taste changed at all? Are you having a party in your mouth? What do you like or love about it or what do you dislike about it?

As you can see, there is a lot to know about wine but no need to ever feel intimidated when it comes to drinking wine. Remember, we are taking it easy, so I'm going to stop here. We can work our way up to whatever level you want to reach. I am eager to be on this journey with all of you.

Let me know what you're drinking this month and if you happen to pickup Roscato, I want to know your thoughts. I'd also like to know where you are on your wine journey?!

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