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My Perfect Wine

"I am looking for a wine that pairs with making it to Friday"

Oh my gosh guys I think I may have found the one! If you have a quick moment, I would love to share with you how we became a perfect match. Ok, a beginner match! LoL Well….. it all started when I was cruising through the grocery store. I had absolutely NO intentions on looking at anything else but salmon, some fresh veggies, oh and blueberry muffins. Ok, I get crazy items right but stick with me here. Before leaving out of the store, I realized I forgot one of my items. It was at that moment I turned around and seen that this grocery store had extensive wine selection. After the crazy week I just had, I knew I wanted some wine to assist me in making it to the weekend!

"I make pour decisions"

As I entered the wine section it became very clear to me that I was in over my head. There was an array of red’s, white's, dry, and sweet wines. To say it was overwhelming would be an understatement. Itoja’s first wine segment blog, had me really wanting to get out there and learn about different wines. One of our goals for 2019 is to meet up and enjoy a wine tasting/tour at a winery. In the store I went back to my Instagram and reviewed some of the recommendations that were suggested to me. It was then when I decided to take the plunge and go back and try a Moscato, which I enjoyed in the past. I am sure some of you may say, why not stick with that wine! I don’t really find all Moscato’s to be created equal. Some of them are too bubbly, or lack sweetness for my liking etc. But finally I found one that has met all my demands.

"Language is wine upon the lips" - Virginia Woolf.

Finding the perfect wine takes time and is something that doesn’t have to be rushed. It is important to understand the things you like in a wine and sits well with your pallet. Through the years of trial and error (a lot of wasted wine in the trash), I learned that I enjoy more of a sweeter wine. Itoja also taught us that wine is better when it is served chilled, and I must say that this is true. Serving wine cold allowed me to get a true taste of the wine, even making me rethink wines I have previously ruled out in the past. I say this because I did not always give the other wines a fair chance, due to them not being served chilled.

"He who knows how to taste does not drink wine but savours secrets" - Salvador Dalì.

May I present to you “The One” my new favorite wine at the moment, Moscato D’asti by Stella Rosa. I am so in love with this wine, and the taste was smooth on my pallet. It was sweet (not overly sweet) and not too dry. I was so obsessed with this wine even my husband had to give it a try! My husband is also very picky with wine (he is more of a beer and dark liquor guy) to the point he really didn’t care to drink it much. He is not very adventurous when it comes to beverages, his motto is (if it ain't broke don’t fix it) plus he's not one to waste money. To his surprise he loved it as well! So much he went back for a second glass, and even went to the store and grabbed a few more bottles for me!

Itoja stated “the more you drink the broader your palate will become and eventually, you will be able to tolerate the stronger wines or wines that aren't just Moscato”. So, it is safe to say I am still in the beginning phases of developing a stronger/expanding pallet. Itoja, thank you for sharing your knowledge of wine with those of us who are just learning. Your last blog has taught me that you must develop a pallet, before you can fully understand what you may or may not enjoy. Moving forward I am going to be a little more open-minded regarding my wine, take it slow, and enjoy the process! Itoja.com will be on the blog every month teaching us about wine in her “Wine Down” segment. In the mean time make sure you head over to Itoja.com and catch up on her awesome blogs!!

As always remember to Live free, Laugh often, & Drink Wine!!!


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