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Wine FAQ's

This week I'm answering some of your most frequent wine questions.  In the beginning, shopping for wine or learning about wine can be overwhelming, but fear not!  I have you covered.  You'll be able to use these questions and answers to help guide you on your wine journey.  All you need is a little basic knowledge and confidence to be able to walk into any store and buy a bottle of wine boldly.

How long can wine last once it's open? Typically, about a week.  If you know you're not going to drink the entire bottle at once, I would be sure to cork the bottle immediately after opening.

How should I drink my wine?  White wines are generally served chilled and experts advise that red wines are best served at room temperature.  However, it is okay and normal to drink red wines slightly chilled as well.

What makes a wine red or white? It all depends on the grape.  Red wine typically comes from black grapes and white wines usually comes from white grapes.  However, the major difference is, red wines get their color from the juice fermenting with the grapes skin and seed.  White wine come from grapes that are pressed off their skin and seed before fermenting.

Do I have to spend a fortune for a good bottle of wine? Absolutely not.  In fact, it has been proven that some cheap wines are just as good, if not better, than some of your most expensive wines.

I'm not a wine drinker, where should I begin? I would advise to start with a sweet wine.  Moscato is always a good beginners choice.

How to pick out a sweet wine? My suggestion would be to start with fruity wines. These typically are on the sweeter side. My next suggestion would be to look at the alcohol content. Sweet wines generally have a lower alcohol content level.

When a wine is dry, what does that mean? A dry wine has no residual sugars, therefore it is not sweet.  Upon sipping, you will taste the bitterness or dryness of the wine.  This is often referred to tannins in wine.

Are there calories in wine?  Well of course there are.  About 110 calories per glass.  However, the higher the residual sugars and/or alcohol percentage, the more calories you will consume per glass.

Why aren't wine glasses filled to the top?  Because it is important for the wine to release it's oxygen once it's poured into the glass.  This is why wine is never poured to the rim of the glass.  The wine needs room to breathe.

I love wine because it affords me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone; by trying new wines or by starting conversations with friends when hanging out.  I've asked a million and one questions to winemakers throughout the years.  I've tasted wine that I truly loved and some that I hated at that particular moment.  But no matter the question or the wine, I've never forgotten about my experiences and the connections I've made over the years while drinking wine and I think that's most important.  Wine connects us with different people and regions from all over the world.

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